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U-POWER is a fully adaptive battery system of energy storing for renewable sources. It incorporates all the necessary systems: a highly efficient 220V inverter (92%), a solar charge controller (or wind turbine controller), a battery management system and a remote cloud or a local control. The system assumes a simple installation into a new or already existing energy storage system in any home or office. Full charging/discharging control by phone/tablet (or web interface) allows you to finely tune the time and modes of energy accumulation, which makes it possible to efficiently save it.

Efficiency 96%

You have the opportunity to use internal batteries with maximum efficiency


The system includes all the necessary elements to create a system of energy storage for the house or office

Easy to use

The device was created in a way that anyone could integrate it into the power system

Smart control

Possibility to set up any work scenario from anywhere around the world

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Project Image
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