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I-VE - series of devices equipped with sensors and software to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Read More

Energy storages

U-POWER - series of energy storing devices that can seamlessly integrate modern technologies into any system with electricity generation from renewable sources. Read More

Power supplies

We have created power supplies and a flexible system for changing its parameters. Under your needs it is possible to make a converter with any input and output parameters. Read More

Monitoring systems

FENESTRAM - designed to determine the location of personnel, transport and other objects indoors or outdoors, using patented local positioning technology. Read More


Draw a diagram according to your technical task.


We design the board according to the required characteristics


We write the firmware on а microcontroller


Create a device design


Preparing technical and working documentation


We make several prototypes


We carry out marketing research


We start production


prototypes of our devices

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31 may, 2018


U-POWER is a fully adaptive battery system of energy storing for renewable sources.

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20 DEC, 2017

Bird Guard

Bird Guard is a device which allows to scare the attacking bird from a distance of 10 meters and keep the drone beyond the guarded area.

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26 APR, 2018


Universal Solar Panel Analiser.

Power 10-300W

Voltage 6-35V

User interface - Display, Micro USB

Battary IN

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28 april, 2018

I-VE Smart

Mini-PC adapted for IoT devices

Freq. - 72 MHz

Flash - 128 kB

Ram - 64 kB

microSD card

Connection GPIO Ethernet Wi-Fi

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16 january, 2018

DC-DC Step-UP Converter

Сonverter which allows to increase the DC voltage over a wide range.

Input 10-100V 35A

Output 20-400V 20A

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16 january, 2018

DC-DC Step-DOWN Converter

Converter which allows to reduce the DC voltage over a wide range

Input 100-400V 3A

Output 3-100V 25A

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16 january, 2018

DC-AC Inverter

High-quality inverter outputting a pure sinusoid with minimal noise

Input 12-48VDC 30A

Output 220VAC 350-700W

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16 january, 2018


High-quality BMS with active balancing

Cells 3-8 ptc

Max. output current 200A

Connection SMBus UART

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Our mission is to create technologies that make life better for every person, every organization and every community in the world. We draw strength and inspiration from this to create what we aspire to. To invent and improve. To develop functionality that amazes the imagination. Our technologies will allow you to take a fresh look at the world. This is our vocation.

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Vasiliy Herhalo

CTO, Founder

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Shokarev Vyacheslav

CCO, Founder

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Khomich Maxim

Circuit Design & Hardware Engineer

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Dykan Svetlana

Account Manager


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